WARRANDYTE Cricket Club is proud to announce the induction of the 29th life member to the club as Campbell “Dutchy” Holland.

Holland has been a larger-than-life figure at the Warrandyte Cricket Club for over 12 years, where he initially played junior cricket.

Holland has spearheaded the Warrandyte First XI attack for seven seasons now, intimidating batsman with his fiery opening spells and his middle-order slogging. He joins some illustrious company, marking the first life member in recent history. For Holland to be recognised as only the 29th player to be given this honour at Victoria’s third oldest cricket club is a true mark of the man.

Holland has previously been vice captain and captain of the First XI, club coach, and club champion. He has played in three grand final teams for the premier team, and is considered as a clubman who makes up the true heart and soul of the club.

Some of this other recent accolades include: three times a Gerald Walshe Medalist (B&F for the First XI), two times a First XI club champion, two times First XI bowling champion, and the 2011/2012 Steve Pascoe Medalist.

To top off his year he was also recently married.

Warrandyte Diary – Issue 2014_7