Memorandum of Understanding

The Purpose of the Warrandyte Sporting Group Inc. is to foster good community relations and to supports its four Member Clubs . .

  • Warrandyte Football Club
  • Warrandyte Netball Club
  • Warrandyte Cricket Club
  • Warrandyte Junior Football Club

A Memorandum of Understanding has been agreed and signed off by all 4 clubs and is intended to be a broad framework with which to initiate management of the Warrandyte Sports Club facility and that there will be a strong reliance on the good will of all four clubs to make this joint operation work effectively.

All Clubs have committed to work collaboratively together for the success of all Clubs.

The Warrandyte Sporting Group Inc. operates under this Memorandum of Understanding can be brought to the attention of the WSG Board and the Board will review these at the earliest opportunity.

Make-up and Responsibilities of WSG Committee

The WSG Committee is made up of two appointed representatives from each of the four tenant clubs.

The Committee meets, at least, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month unless otherwise agreed by the Committee members or impacted upon unforeseen circumstances.

The WSG’s role is to:

1. Oversee management of the facility by the member Clubs, assess standards of presentation and service and, if necessary, implement remedial actions to ensure that the minimum agreed standards are met.

2. Actively foster and maintain open communication between all Member Clubs and the Board, this ensuring:

  • That each club fulfills its responsibilities as laid out in the M.O.U.
  • That each club is kept fully informed via timely distribution of meeting minutes and that effective channels of communication are in place for such matters as resolution of issues raised by member Clubs and / or members
  • Provide high level reporting on finances (with supporting documentation), budgets, balance sheets and Profit / Loss Statements (monthly following committee meetings).

3. Maintain the property lease agreement, liaise with Council (the Landlord) and ensure that all mutual responsibilities are maintained.

4. Be responsible for assessment of property condition, damage to the infrastructure and ensure that appropriate reporting is maintained by responsible member Club, and that repairs are performed by the responsible parties.

5. Manage the property fixtures and fittings and all such fittings are maintained at a high level.

6. Budget to be prepared by 30 June annually through review of previous year’s expenditure and forecasting for the coming year 1 October to 30 September inclusive. The proposed budget is to be accepted / signed off by member clubs by 31 August each year and “facility operational costs” (FOC) for the coming financial year agreed. Expenditure items within the budget are not to be exceeded without the agreement of all member clubs.

7. Collect agreed FOC commitments from each Club over their term of tenure to cover known operational costs as disclosed in the annual budget. Such payments / deductions from disbursements shall be collected over the term of the Clubs’ tenancy in equal installments monthly in arrears or, at a Club’s discretion, in full within One (1) month of assuming tenancy.

8. Collect all sales income for goods purchased on account of Warrandyte Sporting Group Inc. and deposit to holding accounts – in the name of vendor Club as defined by Point of Sale (POS) records – pending disbursement.

9. Ensure that all costs, associated with the operation of the Sports Club premises and services, are covered and paid in terms of commitments given to providers, drawing on tenant Clubs for extraordinary expenditure, if necessary.

10. Ensure:

  • The club’s financial affairs (the books) are maintained, are up to date and transparent.
  • All bills are paid.
  • Member Clubs are kept informed of Warrandyte Sporting Group Inc. financial affairs by distributing Balance Sheet and Profit / Loss reports on a monthly basis.

11. Ensure that Invoicing and Distribution of Member Club dividends are settled on a monthly basis by the end of the following month.

12. Maintain and oversee the Liquor License.

13. Maintain a register of Warrandyte Sporting Club membership incorporating all four Member Club’s members, and separate “Non-Member Club Members”. This register is to be updated annually.

14. Convene and facilitate an Annual member Club Presidents’ Meeting with the view to reviewing operation and discussing / obtaining tacit approval to plans for the coming financial year. This meeting to include tabling of proposed budget and to be held no later than 31 July.