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Check out last years event video below

Fundraising at Run Warrandyte is great fun and very easy.

Start your own fundraiser or join someone else’s.  Either way, you will be running together for a cause.

In 2018 Run Warrandyte has partnered with a number of causes that are important to us.  But if you want, you can Run for your own cause.

Or you can even fundraise as a volunteer.

This is where to start: http://runwarrandyte.gofundraise.com.au

Or, go straight to one of our partner causes with one of these links.  There is plenty of information on their Cause pages to tell you what they are running for:

Rivers giftwarrandyte netball clubWarrandyte football clubSTOP one punch can kill

If the cause you want to Run for isn’t here, send us an email runwarrandyte@gmail.com and we’ll help out.


How does “Fundraising” work and what do I have to do?

When you click on one of the Fundraising links you will be taken to a page and offered a few choices.  The fun path is to start your own fundraising page by clicking on “START FUNDRAISING”. You can select a reason for your efforts (we suggest “Running for a Cause”, but whatever feels right for you – all work) and follow all the steps to making your own page.  Have of photo of yourself ready (maybe your Facebook profile photo or something completely different), have a target figure in mind, adjust the generic story to one that fits you and then share your page on Facebook, email it or follow one of the other options.  Then, sit back and wait for your friends to come on board.

How much should I try and raise?

This is up to you.  We suggest a modest figure, but don’t short change your potential.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.

Can I just join someone else’s Fundraiser?

Absolutely YES.  When you click on one of the Fundraising links you will be taken to a page and offered a few choices.  Click on “FIND A FUNDRAISER” or “SUPPORT A FRIEND” and you will find other people who have already started fundraising for your chosen cause.  You can donate money or share their page.

Can I just donate some money myself or raise money the old fashioned way and donate it?

Yes you are offered the opportunity to donate in a number of places.  We don’t recommend that you collect by hand and we don’t supply facility for that, but you are able to raise money however you wish.

Will I receive a tax deductible receipt?


Can my team and I raise money for cause of our own?

Yes. Enter the site via http://runwarrandyte.gofundraise.com.au  and click on “Start Your Own Fundraiser”.  You can search for the charity or Cause that you want to support or start your own.  There are a few hurdles to starting your own.  If you have any troubles, send us an email at runwarrandyte@gmail.com and tell us what you are trying to do.