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It could be asked whether Warrandyte is proud of its new sports clubhouse and the answer would have to be resoundingly to the affirmative. “Absolutely”, said John Chapman, one of the founding fathers of the facility.  “I know the whole sports community are very proud of it and to be honest, I think the rest of the community love it as well”.

“It is quite an inspiration and far superior to what we had.  I need to confess that I was also involved in initiating and building our old clubhouse, so the old one had some sentimental connection for me.  And it also tells you how long I’ve been around.  Can we change the subject now?”

“But this one had a very different brief” David Dyason, another foundational father, continues.  “We needed to modernise our thinking.  We had a 400 player strong netball club at the doorstep with nowhere to go and it became very apparent to us that this substantial sporting club, almost entirely female, with as much history as almost any of our male clubs, through circumstances of history and constant acceptance of the status quo, didn’t even have a change room let alone a clubhouse.  This needed to be addressed before it became big-time gender embarrassing”.

And addressed it has been.  With all four clubs, the Football, Cricket, Junior Football and Netball Clubs all cohabitating in this delightfully salubrious, cohesive, purpose built modern facility.

This beautifully design clubhouse proves that Warrandyte can absorb contemporary styling without summoning the wrath of the beloved conservatives or the revered greens.  Even Vodafone pole haters love the clubhouse.  The four sporting clubs that are the controlling members have meshed together and now solve their problems collaboratively, fund raise together and share their members and their resources.  It is a win, win, win.

Then there is the other win whereby the broader community are loving the place as well.  Since we have been operating we have hosted 3 very large funerals, numerous AGM’s, innumerable sporting club and non-sporting club committee meetings, many health and food service related training sessions and the list goes on.  We have collaborated with business and we think business will look more to us, as a group, to carry their candles in the future.

Has it been a success?  “Absolutely”, said John, who is prone to repeating himself – because he’s been around so long.
Warrandyte Sports Club – Warrandyte Sporting Group facility in the City of Manningham northeast of Melbourne on the Yarra River.

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